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JP Nagar Pigeon Nets Service Near You

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Pigeon Nets Fixing Near Me in Bangalore | Call 9148831273 Quote

JP Nagar Pigeon Nets

JP Nagar Pigeon Nets is started by Vijay. He understood the quality lacking in current netting industry. Local Players gives wrong commitments, false details about the net for their short term profit. To Build Quality assurance in the industry he started this company

Experts & Experienced in Fixing Balcony Safety Nets, Children Safety Nets, Anti Bird Netting, Pigeon Safety Nets for Balconies, Pigeon Nets Fixing, Bird Control Services, Apartment Duct Area Covering Nets, Terrace Top Cricket Practice Nets, Industrial Bird Netting, Open Space Covering Safety Nets, Building Covering Pigeon Nets, All types of Sports Court Nets, Cricket Practice Nets Installation Services.

Pigeon Nets Fixing Near Me in Bangalore | Call 9148831273 Quote

Why to Choose JP Nagar Pigeon Nets

We offer absolute Free Installation of nets fixing for all types of requirements in anywhere in Bangalore.

We have become Bangalore’s leading company by providing Best Quality Nets.

Since we are the wholesalers, We offer highly Competitive Price.

Frequently asked questions

What is Mesh Size of Safety Nets?

The maximum centres for attachment of a fall arrest safety net is 2.5m when rope ties are used. It must be noted that other proprietary attachment devices may require closer attachment points and the manufacturer’s recommendations must always be followed.

Is Pigeon Dirting on your Balconies?

Being a quality-oriented organization, we make use of the finest quality raw material that is procured from the vendors of high repute after doing a diligent study based on several quality parameters adhering to best quality and standards.

What is Net Material Used?

Nets are made of knotted polyethylene (HDPE) hence is UV resistant. HDPE nets are chemically inert, water and weather proof. It has high breaking strength. Nets are fixed using stainless steel wire framework and hardwares. For Further specifications, the nets are fixed using wire rope, net bolts, screw pins, barrel strainers and hogging staples .This helps tight installation of nets that cannot be stretched, giving it a strong, clean & beautiful appearance.

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Our Services

Pigeon Safety Nets Fixing Cost in Bangalore | Call 9148831273

Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony safety net is used to prevent unwanted situation in buildings or apartments.. Where unexpected falling from balcony leads people life risky.. It makes people tension free, never feel fear to stay in high building

Pigeon Nets Installation Near Me in Bangalore | Call 9148831273

Pigeon Safety Nets

We face many problems with birds/pigeons in our places like apartments, factories, hotels and hospitals. We can find birds entering from plumbing ducts, ventilators and find suitable place for nesting on the pipes.

Pigeon Nets Installation Near Me in Bangalore | Call 9148831273

Anti Bird Nets

Anti Bird Nets are best quality nets used to protect your open balconies from birds, Bird Nets are basically HDPE Nylon Nets which is temperature resistant  to prevent from making shelters in buildings & dirtying places

Children Safety Nets for Balconies in Bangalore | 9148831273

Children Safety Nets

Do you love kids, do you care your kids and do you think, “prevention is better then cure”. If yes for all, then do get fix Children Safety Nets for your apartment balcony. We can’t locked our children inside home all the time.

Duct Area Covering Pigeon Nets in Bangalore | Call 9148831273

Builidng Safety Nets

Building safety nets is play important role to avoid breakage or damage to glass furnishing buildings. Other hand pigeon bird is actually a dirty, filthy menance, apest that messes up our and furnishing glasses window glasses.,

Pets Safety Nets for Open Areas in Bangalore | Call 9148831273

Pets Safety Nets

Monkey safety nets is basically used for avoiding monkey and other animals trespassing your areas. Monkey or other kind of animals play and live on trees branches. They can bite your loved ones or grab things through windows.

Duct Area Covering Pigeon Nets in Bangalore | Call 9148831273

Duct Area Safety Nets

We are officially engaged and trading a superb quality assortment of Duct Area Safety Nets. duct area safety nets offering netting services for all commercial and domestic requirements.

Anti Bird Nets for Industrial Sector in Bangalore

Fall Protection Nets

Construction safety nets. These nets are used useful for enabling the workers to work safely and effectively at heights. Our range is suitable for the protection of fatalities and serious accidents

Bird and Pigeon Control Spikes in Bangalore | Call at 9148831273

Bird & Pigeon Spikes

Bird Spikes & Pigeon Spikes Dealers in Bangalore are to prevent from pigeon making shelters in buildings and dirtying place. It prevents entering birds or pigeons making unhealthy situation.

Coconut Tree Safety Nets in Bangalore | Call 9148831273 for Price

Coconut Safety Nets

We are offering Coconut Tree Safety Nets in Bangalore to our clients. On top of the net, an HDPE monofilament net is fixed to prevent small particles and bird droppings from falling on vehicles.

Staircase Safety Nets in Bangalore | Call 9148831273 for Price

Staircase Safety Nets

Staircase Safety Nets in Bangalore are mainly for kindergartens and children at home. The staircase prevents the children from falling. We can provide complete care for children throughout the day.

Cricket Practice Nets in Bangalore | Call Mr.Vijay at 9148831273

All Sports Practice Nets

One of the top manufacturers and suppliers of All Sports Practice Nets Installation in Bangalore. We offers a variety of sports nets, including football, throw ball, volleyball, and cricket, among others.

Our Testimonials

prashasti dwivedi

Very good service by Mr. Vijay and team in installing the pigeon nets in our balcony in Bangalore. He is very professional and gives the best prices. He also provides after installation repairs and maintenance sevices.

Karthik R

Work is done newar clean, guys are very knowledgeable and advise their idea how to fix net in a convenient way totally good service


Deepa safety nets guys very prompt service and reasonable price.very good behaviour.very very good quality and lowest prices.i refer that guys

krishna Sai Anil Kumar

Very good workmanship Right on time and immediate attention
Very fast installation.. completed in an hour for both bolocnies

Hari prasad panda

Nice and good work by this guy.
They have very good quality nets

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