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Pets Safety Nets for Open Areas in Bangalore | Call 9148831273

Pets Safety Nets for Open Areas

Pets safety nets for open areas in Bangalore represent a useful and effective solution for protecting balconies and windows from cats. Cat nets have the advantage that, despite functioning as a barrier, they still offer good transparency thanks to their inconspicuous design.

The safety of your cat is a special concern. The protection offered by a cat safety net on the balcony is important for enabling your furry friend to safely play outside. Our cat safety nets for the balcony are available by the square meter at a low cost. You can also deploy this versatile cat protection measure in various places in your house or apartment. Besides using it on the balcony, you can also mount a window net for your cat or install a terrace net to protect your pet from the dangers of the road and traffic.

To avoid testing a cat’s nine lives too far, cat safety nets are a preventive measure to protect your pets from going into free fall while allowing them to move about freely and safely outside. On the other hand, cat nets can also protect your garden or your children’s sandbox from being soiled by the excrement of free-ranging cats.

The Pets Safety Nets for Open Areas in Bangalore from JP Nagar Pigeon Nets are made of weatherproof, UV-resistant polypropylene fabrics with a material thickness of 1.5 mm and a mesh size of 30 mm. These properties ensure that the net will not disintegrate even after four decades, despite attacks by house cats and stray cats. The cat net remains resistant for many years and is insurmountable for cats—even in the case of young animals and smaller breeds. Its advantage compared to other nets for balconies is that the high-protection installation doesn’t spoil the view. If you don’t focus your gaze on the mesh, you won’t even notice the balcony net! This, of course, also allows you and your cats to enjoy the view through the window net.

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